The Clarence Penthouse

Complete with its requisite baby grand piano and its panoramic rooftop terrace, The Penthouse at The Clarence hotel in Dublin, simply epitomises luxury, offering guests an ambiance and level of service that depart from the expected. Be it for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion - a honeymoon or that all-important corporate milestone - The Clarence penthouse offers a unique, unforgettable experience with stunning views and a luxurious surrounding that is sought after by celebrities, private and corporate guests alike.

To create the spectacular penthouse an additional floor was added to the hotel’s original four storeys during The Clarence’s refurbishment in 1996.  Comprising two floors, the penthouse suite features two master bedrooms with their own bathroom, two living rooms, a turquoise dining room seating 8 and a fully equipped kitchen. In keeping with The Clarence itself, the penthouse reflects the personal concept of its proprietors, U2’s Bono and The Edge, of what an intimate Luxury hotel should be - simple but elegant, unpretentious but luxurious, contemporary but classic.

As you walk through the Penthouse Doors, the immediate impression is one of  space, stemming in part from the duplex’s configuration and also from its light, playful colour palette.  The sofas of the first-level living room are covered in a warm red suede that contrasts the weathered copper dome of the landmark Four Courts building which dominates the floor-to-ceiling windows hung with drapes to match.

A spiral staircase crowned by a dramatic cupola leads to the upstairs living room, an open loft with an angled, skylit ceiling. Cream suede sofas and chairs are grouped near a state-of-the-art entertainment TV and stereo system a the baby grand positioned nearby. The master bedrooms are located at either end of the entry level.  Like other guest rooms at The Clarence, they are decorated with custom-designed oak furniture and heavy cotton velvet drapes in one of the hotel’s five signature colours: crimson,  royal blue, jewel-like amethyst, chocolate brown and gold.  The carpet and leather club chairs are custom-dyed to match the bold colours.  The simplicity of the design juxtaposed with the sumptuousness of the fabrics and colour is a hallmark of the hotel’s decor. The entire Suite is air conditioned.


Suite size is 2088 sq Foot 154 sqm


The cancellation policy for Suites & Penthouse Bookings is 14 days.